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Maria holds her neiceRelatives Take Heroic Action to Keep Families Together 

By Fermin Vasquez

Pushing a stroller down the street, Maria Ortega seems like a nice grandmother taking a walk with her grandchild..  Read more / Leer en español

‘I Owe My Success to Them’

Two-time NBA All-Star player and South L.A. native Baron Davis recently shared his story with The Movement about being raised by his grandparents.  Read more /





Almira Garza is a social worker who joined the profession to help children, but wants changes so she can keep kids safe.

A Social Worker Speaks Out

By Almira Garza

My life’s work was supposed to be helping children. Now I feel like I am in the business of herding cattle. Read more / Leer en español



Foster care infographicInfographic- How the Foster Care System Fails Children Living With Relatives


Read more Leer en español